Tim Mitchell’s Assignment 3: Alternate Technologies


My Prezi presentation consists mostly of information regarding Norfolk’s transportation in the year 2050. Right now, traffic in Norfolk is one of the city’s biggest problems. Between the times of 3pm – 6pm, drivers spend hours just sitting at a dead stop. My proposal includes the addition of several more Light Rails (other than the one Norfolk has now). Also, my proposal includes the expansion of the Tunnels, which are responsible for a lot of the traffic.


Abstract 1: Technology Overview and Impact

Begley, S. (2001). PROTECTING AMERICA The Top 10 Priorities. (Cover story). Newsweek138(19), 26.

Following the biggest international terrorist attack in history (9/11) America faced another terrorist attack just one week later. However, this attack wasn’t as visible as the planes crashing into the Twin Towers, this attack was called Anthrax. Envelopes sealed with Anthrax were sent out to multiple political buildings in hope of killing innocent people. Once the news broke to American citizens, fear and anxiety grew throughout the nation. American’s realized the next time they check their mail could be their last. President Bush made it clear that the proper procedures are being taken and that Americans must stay defensive towards vulnerable objects, such as the mail.

This article by Sharon Begley is very informative about the Anthrax Attacks on America. I believe federal officials did everything possible to keep American citizens safe. Although some people did die unfortunately, the outcome could have been much worse if the proper procedures were not taken. Like  risk consultant Peter Sandman said, something like the mail can’t be 100% safe, its just not possible.

My relationship with techonology

I definitely rely on technology a lot. I use it throughout the day to do just about everything. I use technology to wake me up, I use it to entertain myself, and I use it to keep in contact with friends and family members. Technology has come so far in just a short amount of time, which really keeps me interested on what it will be like 10 years from now. I remember 10 years ago when there was no Facebook or Twitter, there was no digital cable, everything was simple and to the point. Technology has evolved so much since then, I can only imagine what will be different 10 years from now. It’s pretty awesome to look forward to